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I started coaching personal finance in 2018. After moving to DC from NYC, I wanted a complete change professionally. Having spent the previous 10 years in hospitality, sales; in addition to the 5 years (now 7 years) of teaching yoga; I found myself desperate to teach others personal finance. It has transformed my life in so many ways and I knew it could help others.


My practice started small working one on one with clients. I taught lectures at non-profits, small businesses and entrepreneurial hubs. I quickly began working with couples. My clients range from 24-71. I work with women and men of all different backgrounds, from all over the United States. My clients span from Alaska to Florida to Ohio to NYC.


The most rewarding part of my job is when a client "gets it." When they start taking control over their finances and utilize me as a support instead of the answer. It's an incredible moment when the student becomes the expert of their own lives. 

I realized that the world was missing a money community. A place where people could talk about the pain and shame caused by money. The symptom of a society that doesn't talk about how money affects them is loneliness. Money problems can make you feel completely alone. My mission in life is to help every single person feel less alone in this world. That is why I created the Heal Your Relationship With Money Course. A community oriented training that focuses on all the tried and true methodologies of my private practice but with ceremony and shared space. It has been fulfilling beyond belief to watch the level of vulnerability and openness each course participant shares in presence of total strangers. 

I share my money story in hopes that it inspires other to view their relationship with money. ☞



At the worst stage of my financial history I was in $10k worth of credit card debt, that had been sitting in collections for years. I hadn't touched my $34k worth of student loans, hadn't filed for taxes in 5 years which amount to $10k AND I started to accumulate debt to my family another $9k. 


  • I was in constant fear.

  • I felt helpless and lost.

  • Working so hard and never seeing the fruits of my labor.

  • I was exhausted, I was angry and I could not see a way out.


I had spent the summer of 2016 traveling with friends, acting like I was having fun, when in reality I felt like I was drowning. I finally realized how reckless I was being with my life. My grandparents were getting older, my friends were starting to get engaged and I had nothing to my name. (In 6 months time I would be sleeping on my friends couches, too proud to go home, too broke to find my own place) I couldn't afford ANYTHING and I felt like a fraud, awaiting judgement, all the time. No one was going to come and fix my finances. No magical check was going to come in the mail and pay off all my debt. I was going to have to face it, pay it off, piece by piece.


That meant facing the ANGER



Finally I reached my breaking point, completely broke and nowhere to live..


I reached out to members of my family and said "Please help me understand my finances." They set me up with a budget and I was off. I asked them to hold my hand as we called debt collector after student loan provider; creating payment plans that I could actually afford. Within 15 months my credit card debt was paid off.


"I haven't filed or payed my taxes in 5 years." Within a few months every single year was submitted.  I got to work calling NYS, NYC and the IRS to get as much of the debt down as possible. It took 18 months but I paid it all back.


These were humiliating times. I felt so much shame about my finances and I hated having to ask for help. But if I never did I would have NEVER gotten out of debt and I would still be running around trying to make ends meet and dating men who didn't value me (because I didn't value myself). Let me tell you a little secret I learned; how you show up with your finances is how you show up in every area of your life. How you treat your money is a direct reflection of how you value yourself. When I was avoiding my debt guess what, I dated men who avoided me too.


As soon as I decided to do the work and show up in my relationship with money every aspect of my life started to change. A friend let me live in her apartment rent free for 5 months which helped me pay off 1 credit card and save up for one months rent and room to move. Opportunities were falling at my feet left and right. I was feeling so strong and in my own power that when I told the universe the type of man I was ready for; the universe responded 'YES YOU ARE.' And within 5 months of working on my finances, in pops Brett. My childhood crush from sleep away camp. Not only was it obvious that he was the love of my life from the second we saw each other, BUT Brett also happens to be amazing with money. He helped me organize my finances in a way that made sense and he supported me every step of the way to getting out of debt.


My money story began long before I decided to get out debt. It began with beliefs I was positive were true on how money works, how to obtain wealth and how I viewed myself. It was in the darkest moments of my desperation that I able to formulate my deepest desire. The desire to simply be the person I believed I had the potential to be. To live in my truest potential, free of the bondages of debt and the liberation that NO ONE had power over my life. A chosen life. That desire to be my most authentic vibrant self gave me a kind of courage I had no idea was possible. In order to become my highest potential I was going to have to face my mistakes and reach out to those who could help me, even if it meant admitting my failures. The strength to step into the center of my fears and advocate for myself and my right to live freely lead me directly into Brett's arms; my teammate in all things. No longer could I be bound to others from a place of shame or guilt. I became whole. In getting my finances in order I was able to take the broken pieces of myself and put them back together again. I gained sight, I never dreamed was possible. 


I know how important it is to have a support system. And that is what I am for you. I will hold your hand and build you structure, help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and ask you to show up in your relationship with money. And I will be there to celebrate and marvel in your successes. 


Getting your finances in order is truly the most radical form of $elf care.