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"I had a lot of fear and kind of crossing my fingers week-to-week. My hope is just to get my feet under me, feel solid and confident in my money situation so I can make better decisions moving forward... Basically I was ready to create a financial foundation for myself and my partner. Working with AJ, one of my biggest realizations has been that I make more money than I realized! Which really drove home the point that my issue isn't how much money I make, it's what I'm doing with that money. I love having a coach to hold me accountable while I build new habits. Even doing the historical expenses... if I didn't have a deadline and someone I could trust who was checking that I'd done it, I probably never would have done that."

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Before AJ, I felt "There's got to be a better way than this"...and by this I mean no real way, just sort of unrestricted money in money out. My number 1 goal working specifically with AJ is to build out some structure that I can rely on and then move forward (and upward) from. I also needed to talk about finances and be heard and get solid advice about all of the emotional deformations and hang ups I have about money...which is partly why I had such a garbage system around it in the first place. I needed someone more than just a money Spock. Only a few sessions in, but so far I was surprised that I could make a plan to pay my necessities, save money for the future, tackle debt AND still have a chunk left over for myself to actually enjoy life. I was convinced being financially sound meant living in a black and white, tight butt cheeked world. I’ve been able to let my subconscious relax. I’d recommend AJ to anyone who like  myself and my partner; two very smart, creative, high spirited people who are (but now becoming awake) dumb af about money. 

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Some of the things you get in private coaching

Language - Most couples don't know how to talk about money, we create a language together that allows couples to freely and comfortably talk about money.

Historical Expense Analysis - A raw set of data that directly correlates to clients emotional well being while giving us a bench mark on their weaknesses. A starting point for sustainable budgeting, matching current lifestyle with goals

Personal Development - Clients see a clearing, an opening of possibility. That their beliefs about money are shaping their reality, they feel more in control about their narrative and less in shame of their past. Less afraid about the future, since they realize they can create it 

Goal Structure and Implementation - Clients feel empowered and accomplished every time they finish a goal. They get “addicted” to completing a task, creating a positive feedback loop that encourages them to keep moving forward. 

Career Support - Clients are more commutative with companies about their needs and expectations, they are on a clear path towards growth, development and promotion. They have a career track that empowers them to work harder and smarter

Salary Negotiation - Clients earn more money for the remainder of their career, better boundaries on job expectation and a feeling of  purpose

Business Coaching - Clients with small business can focus on the product instead of the admin. They have more freedom to create, collaborate and relax. A clear understanding of their finances creates freedom

Debt Relief - Clients are free from the burden of debt. They are able to save more, spend more and live more freely. They are free from the bondage and can live their live however they see fit. They achieve a huge goal and feel accomplished for it. 

Savings goals and implementation - Clients have 1-8 months of emergency money, money set aside for retirement, an understanding of the stock market. Tools to invest on their own, passive  wealth growth every single month

Budget Analysis - Clients have a clear picture on how exactly they spend their money. They use their budget to create short/long term plans. Set up recurring payments towards debt/savings. Have a plan in place for when life throws curve balls. Get’s direct with friends/family on their abilities to spend on certain things.

Business creation entrepreneur start up - Clients don’t have to do all the leg work into starting their own business we set them up with a business plan and actionable's so client can accomplish their dreams of opening their own business.