Heal Your Realtionship With Money Course

Ashley M

Skin Goddess Facialist

"Midway thru the sessions l realized that not only did l not want to start a business, but what l really wanted was to find true love. I realized that l carry my money wounds in my womb so to speak and that what I was really doing is using money to protect myself from the vulnerability required to commit to a meaningful relationship. 


Soon l felt confident to write out my, what she calls the nonnegotiables. When l say it really works! It really works. l met an amazing man that meets all of my wants and needs. He’s exactly what l asked the universe for and more. And it didn’t take long at all. I met him a week before the last session and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Your life will be changed if you submit to the process and do the work. Thank you Aj!!!"

What do you want?

"HYRWMC was transformational, not just for myself but for my relationship. We was no safety net other than letting the debt build. Now, we are far above average and on our way to creating true wealth." - Chava C. 

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The Course Goal

To empower those who were never taught to care about personal finance but feel completely overwhelmed, anxious and are in chronic stress when it comes to money by helping them get out of debt, increase wealth, gain financial freedom, and grow their independence, so they can harness and use their innate power to take control over their destiny and build a brighter future.

"Before the course my mindset about money was really unhelpful. I was stressed, all the time, lived in fear and truly had no idea how to take control of my finances and make them empowering instead of something I was afraid of or ashamed about. My #1 goal was to gain tools in becoming financially independent from my parents, and I hoped it would help the debilitating stress and anxiety I was feeling.


Now I have more confidence in my abilities and know AJ will help hold me accountable on that journey.I can now create a debt repayment plan, create and stick to a budget, forecast income, open another credit card, open and invest in an IRA account....so many things, too many to list I feel! This course has truly changed my life and given me valuable tools that I will use the rest of my life. I cannot recommend it enough!"

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Rachel S

Actor ・ Yoga Instructor

The Method

The program is broken into 9 major milestones that I'll help you reach. During our live coaching sessions, we will go over the methods of healing your relationship with money, gaining financial freedom, getting out of

debt, and building wealth.


You will be assigned homework to be completed every week pertaining to the topic from our live session. Each week leads into the next topic so completing homework is essential to your success in the course.

How I work with my clients
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Cat M.

Talent Agent

"This is a way to change your view of finances for a lifetime. One of the best parts is that you are given permission to make mistakes, there is no judgement and you are held up to standards where you must do the work. She is very upfront in the beginning saying it is a lot of work, but whatever work you put in, you will get back tenfold - and she means it!

Additional Services 

  • A facebook group (group will open at the beginning of course) where you can post questions /comments /struggles and wins.

  • 4-6 bonus sessions spread throughout the course for you to take advantage of.


a) Astrology and Money​

b) Why your credit score doesn't matter

c) Money: masculine & feminine energy

d) Why your credit score doesn't matter

e) Investing 101

Bonuses are constantly being added and can be accessed in perpetuity. 

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Where we come in

"My mindset was anxiety and shame. My number one goal was to pay off my debt and learn how to invest and save. AJ taught me that I do not need to make large sacrifices in my life to get what I want. I can now confidently talk about money, investing, and debt. I no longer freak out when looking at my bank account which is HUGE for me. Money went from being scary to being exciting!" - Candice S.

What YOU gain