"Before AJ, my mindset was to pay off my debt, that was all. I just wanted to get rid of it. When I started working with AJ my hope was to just pay of my debt and organize my finances. I began to see what I spent my money on, and I learned to take pause on purchasing things, and even looking for affordable options.  My favorite breakthrough was to have money in a SAVINGS, and not put everything I have towards debt. I can now see a bigger picture in what I want in my life. That ability brings me ease. I can see now that I have a way to get there, overtime, that it is a journey. I would recommend AJ to anyone who has spending problems on instant gratification things, rather than needs, someone who is in debt and suffering to make ends meet, and anyone who wants to build a better future."


Kathleen P.


Story teller 

"I was basically breaking even every paycheck, was scared to spend money but then spent every paycheck on anything I wanted with no real intention. My number one goal was to pay off my debt and stop feeling scared to spend money. I think I always just looked at money for what it was, something that buys me things. Working with AJ I have been able to dive deep into my relationship with money which has allowed and frankly MADE me look at myself more. I've never felt more in control of my life and I feel so much lighter. I feel like I can start to have real conversations with my close family and friends about money. I now understand how a budget works that is isn’t just about paying off debt saving. I can save and pay off debt while continuing to live my life and do things I enjoy. I would recommend AJ to absolutely anyone!! I don't even think you necessarily have to go to her if you only need help getting out of debt. I think what she does is help you understand your relationship with money, where things could have gone wrong, help improve it and empower you every step of the way."

Athena N.


Story teller 

Julia B.

Service Delivery Specialist 

I had the mindset of "fly by the seat of your pants" - meaning, as long as I was getting by, that was sufficient for me. This, of course, created a lot of anxiety revolving around money and my relationship with money was very hindered by my dependency on others  when in truth  my finances were in shambles.  My biggest goal with AJ was, and still is, financial independence.  Not only do I want to achieve financial freedom on my own, I don't want to rely on family when times get tough.  Thus far, AJ has taught me the tangible skills needed to achieve financial independence, as well as the mentality I need to have to obtain this goal. 

     AJ has taught me to think for myself!  I now feel empowered to make my own decisions without others' input. Every time I speak with AJ I feel a sense of both relief and empowerment - she makes me feel at ease, while also giving me all the tools I need to succeed!  The first breakthrough directly relates to my relationship with money.  For me, I viewed money in its most raw form - as a transaction.  Now, I feel that I have a better understanding of what money means to me, personally, and the ways in which I can use it to benefit my life in a way that aligns with my values.  AJ has empowered me to aggressively strive toward my goal of financial independence.  Not only does she encourage me to purposefully think about what's important to me and why, she also provides me with the support and guidance I need to make the necessary changes to achieve that goal.  And my final breakthrough relates to the way in which I spend my money, aka, my budget. feel that I now spend money very differently than before, in a much more mindful and decisive manner.

     I feel much more confident in making financial decisions that support both my values and my goals. The word "budget" wasn't even in my vocabulary before beginning my journey with AJ. I truly feel that ANYONE could benefit from AJ's guidance, whether you feel financially free/stable or not.  I think she is a magnificent coach that has the ability to adapt herself to each and every person's situation and mindset, while also not altering her mission as an advisor.  She is highly emotionally intelligent and is always sensitive to my needs, but is also strong in her beliefs and very adamant on follow through - which is something from which I VERY much have benefited, as I am a highly motivated client, but have always struggled with staying on task - I have praised her in her ability to gently push me toward the goals I so badly want to achieve.

Before working with AJ, I was stuck in a loop of fear and dis-empowerment. I was unintentional with my finances because I didn't feel that I had any tools to make any changes in my life. I knew I needed someone to help me get unstuck, feel empowered, and turn my financial life from something that caused a lot of fear and anxiety into something that made me feel powerful, independent, and back in the driver's seat of my life. AJ helped me discover that my financial life was covered in shame which made me feel alone and trapped forever in debt and a scarcity mindset. AJ gave me a team, someone to hold my hand, and practical tools to help me get unstuck and envision a new future. I can now prioritize and enjoy being in control of my financial life and future instead of spinning my wheels, constantly working to be scrappy, and digging myself further down into holes of uncertainty. There's still some work ahead, but I now have a vision for the future that is full of more possibility than I could have imagined when I was living paycheck to paycheck. I would recommend AJ if you are stuck in uncertainty, have financial goals or want to develop financial goals for the first time, anyone with debt, anyone who feels stressed about the current economy under COVID-19, anyone who feels like they need a little extra support in their corner when it comes to planning or envisioning a healthy, free, and independent future.

Carolyn H.

Dance Coordinator

Eve L.

Project Manager

Before working with AJ, my mindset was impulsive and careless. I decided to start working with AJ to figure out a strategy on how to conquer my debt. Some of the major insights that I am already starting to see is that I know exactly where my money is going now, where before I had no idea how I was spending. I’m already developing more discipline and less impulsivity when it comes to mindless things like shopping compulsively.



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