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As soon as I decided to do the work and show up in my relationship with my every aspect of

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Lifetime Access

To 9 modules, 70+ unique videos, 20+ hours of money mastery education, homework you'll be able to do over and over again, your personalized budget, a checklist to hold you accountable, the methodologies that have gotten clients out of $500,000 worth of debt and saved $1,000,000 in 2 years.

Live Weekly Calls

You will have two opportunities each week to get deeper and ask questions. There will be one PM session and one AM session where we'll discuss the homework, dive into money psychology, and workshop your questions.

Private Facebook Group

You and your fellow Money Healer seekers can ask questions, communicate, share your homework, offer support, and be supported. Our coaches will be there every day, helping you and responding to every single question. No one takes the course alone. This group is an additional lifeline throughout the course.  Connect with a diverse community of people at different stages in the course taking their future seriously.

Private 1:1 Session

AJ works with you individually to create your perfect budget, debt repayment, and savings plan. During our 1:1, you will learn everything you need to know to set up your budget, align your finances with your values when you get out of debt, and the crucial savings to focus on based on your goals.

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"I'm feeling really overwhelmed and uncertain about how to even begin."

"Numbers stress me out!"

"I'm just not a math person."

"I'm just in survival mode all the time."

"I feel ashamed."

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"This stuff makes me feel stupid."

"I'm embarrassed."

"I just want to provide for myself."

"I just want to feel capable, like an adult."

"This is humiliating."

"I'll never have money"

"I want to be able to contribute to my community."

"I just want to be out of crisis mode."

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Actor, Coach

Business Owner


Danielle T.

Health Coach

"debt mindset"

"Before the course I had a lack mindset. I never felt like I would ever have money. I was super defeated and felt I had tried everything. I had constant anxiety about money, I was spending more than I was making, and I had $10,000 of credit card debt that was accumulating. Now, I have more power and control of my finances. I see more possibilities. I am 2 months away from paying off my CC!!!!! I have negotiated pay which led to raises. I have consolidated my student loans which lowered my monthly rate, I increased my income, and learned I can say no to things that are out of my means and it is not restrictive it is empowering! I track my expenses and income every month. AJ says financial wellness is self care and it’s so true!! I have literally recommended her to everyone in my life." 


Executive Coaching & Consulting

"structure & reflection"

"Before AJ, I felt 'There's got to be a better way than this' ...and by this I mean no real way, just sort of unrestricted money in money out. My number 1 goal working specifically with AJ is to build out some structure that I can rely on and then move forward (and upward) from. I also needed to talk about finances and be heard and get solid advice about all of the emotional deformations and hang ups I have about money...which is partly why I had such a garbage system around it in the first place. I needed someone more than just a money Spock. Only a few sessions in, but so far I was surprised that I could make a plan to pay my necessities, save money for the future, tackle debt AND still have a chunk left over for myself to actually enjoy life. I was convinced being financially sound meant living in a black and white, tight butt cheeked world. I’ve been able to let my subconscious relax. I’d recommend AJ to anyone who like  myself and my partner; two very smart, creative, high spirited people who are (but now becoming awake) dumb af about money."


Matt R.

Creative Director

"saving smart, making peace"

“I was stubborn and thought I can do this on my own, I know I need to pay off credit card debt and then student loans. I chose to work with AJ when I was feeling overwhelmed by all the opinions surrounding debt and what is the *best* way to get rid of it. My goal from working with AJ was to make sure I am saving smart. I am no longer staying awake at night doing calculations about saving and what I can afford. Talking about money does not cause frustration or arguments anymore. I have peace that saving money takes time and it’s the little victories that are the most important. I am able to have a budget for clothes and my car loan without stress! I would recommend AJ to any of my friends that are recent graduates that are in credit card debt.”


Erin V.


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  1. Money Wounds - By unearthing our core beliefs around money we can identify what ideas have been holding us back from achieving the life we want.

  2. Values and Goals - Learn to identify your actual values (not adopted from someone else's values) so you can easily align your goals with your budget. By understanding your goals and seeing the big picture, your budget will feel like the piece that's been missing your whole life.

  3. Historical Expenses - Now we're ready to look at the money. Once you've completed your historical expenses, you will have a clear picture of where and how you spend and the key red flags of your expenses—no more secrets.

  4. Budget - Create your personalized budget and schedule your 1:1 call to design your debt repayment, savings plan, and ideal budget to accomplish your short and long-term goals.

  5. Debt - Debt is not the enemy; it can actually be an incredible tool and resource. Here you'll learn how to get out of debt, leverage debt, and change your debt psychology. 

  6. Savings - You will learn the most significant savings and what goals to aim for based on your unique wants/needs. I'll show you exactly when to start investing and where you should invest.

  7. Relationships and Money - First, we focus on evolving your relationship with money. Now we can start to learn how money impacts every single relationship in your life; your friends, parents, and partner. This module will dive deep into what relationships deplete us financially and energetically and where we need to set boundaries.

  8. Career/Income - How to make more money and get what you deserve. This module will leave you with the tools you need to make more money now while empowering you to set up your future. 

  9. Ritual - How do we make budgeting a spiritual practice? We will celebrate how far you've come and define how you're going to infuse budgeting into your daily life.



Included in the price of the course is

1 - ***1:1 private session with AJ to map out your budget, debt repayment plan, savings plan and income

2 - Guest speakers

3 - 4-6 Bonus materials


  • 3 months access alumni membership that includes

Weekly study groups

Book club

Bimonthly Q&A

Guest speakers

& Quarterly check-ins with AJ