5 ways to respond to abundance

Jun 27, 2023

1. Pause before responding. I often see clients putting, for lack of a better word, their foot in their mouth before thinking through new opportunities. What do I mean by a new opportunity? When you start setting the wheels in motion to achieve financial freedom, doors will open up where once there were walls. Money transformation is alchemic and powerful for manifestation. 🔮


It looked like living at my friend's luxury apartment for five months rent-free and getting a remote job that enabled me to move to DC. It also looked like giving up teaching yoga, even though I knew I could make money at that present moment, but it would prevent me from growing BTG. (short-term resolve vs. long-term solution).


By telling the universe you're ready to take your life seriously, opportunities and experiences start to pop up. But sometimes, too much of a good thing can actually derail us from our plans, AND the reverse is also true. Sometimes being so ridged in your plan can cause you to miss out on real potential. So pause before responding to any opportunities, be it a free vacation, job, or date. Say, I will get back to you.


2. Ask yourself this question: is this in alignment with my current goals, and will it help me achieve my future goals? You might be surprised by the answer. 


I'll never forget my first client Dani's experience with this. We had started coaching, and her debt was going down; she was bringing in DOUBLE what she was making and feeling much better. And then... an opportunity presented itself. She was offered a dancing job in Japan. At first, she wanted to scream from the rooftop. YES! But she paused and asked herself, "Is this aligned with my current goals, and will it help me achieve my future ones? And the reality was it would not. It would have actually set her back, cost her more than she could afford, and burn her out.


3. Flow is about duality. What the hell do I mean? If you say yes to everything, you're also equally saying no to the same amount of things. And if you're saying no to everything because you're so rigid on achieving your goals, you'll miss out on incredible opportunities. 


4. No one can outwork you. My uncle said this to me at the beginning of my financial journey. You are a Schwam (my mother's maiden name), and no one can outwork you. You are young; put your head down and do the work. My old self would have responded, "but uncle, I always work; I'm so tired of working, it burns me out... I feel drained." But my new financially empowered self said, "I will do work that serves my current needs/wants with my future self. I will trust that I can attract the opportunities for me." And this belief has yet to fail me seven years later.


Are you letting opportunities pass you by because of FEAR of being overwhelmed or overbooked or because in the past you felt XYZ? When you adopt an abundance mindset, you attract opportunities that serve you. You must trust in your ability to manifest vs. leaning into the ghosts the past experiences that made you feel powerless.  


5. When you're working towards a goal, there are sacrifices you have to make. Did you know a synonym for sacrifice is "gift?" How incredible is that?! Think about this, when you make a sacrifice, you are gifting yourself what? Time. Money. Experience. A true attractor sees sacrifice as an offering for their future self. It is an opportunity to step into the person they want to be and honor the person they were. Without sacrifice, there is no reward. 


How will you stand in your power today?

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