Student loan update and the steps you need to take

Oct 14, 2022

Student Loan Update

Last night Biden and his team announced that federal student loans currently owned by private banks would not be eligible for student loan forgiveness. 


Borrow from one of these companies? Then you're still eligible for student loan forgiveness:

All of these companies are Federal Student Loan providers and are not private companies. 


The loan that this new plan is talking about is the FFEL Consolidation Loans and Direct Consolidation Loans. 

But there's hope, but you have to take action NOW

In order to be eligible for student loan forgiveness, you must apply to consolidate the FFEL loans. 

Here is the link to apply

1. Set up an account with 

2. It should take about 30 minutes to complete. So give yourself time to fill out the form

Notes: There is NO fee for consolidating, so if you hear from private companies offering to do this for you for a fee, it's a scam!

Don't know if you have privately held federal loans? ☎️ Call your provider now. 

Have any questions? Click reply or dm on facebook in Instagram


Please share this vital information with friends and family who have student loans. You never know how your kind gesture could change someone's life. 

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